About us

New Kailung Gear: Advancing Recreational & Utility drive-train technology for electric & engine-powered vehicles since 1971.

For over 30 years, we've provided our customers with timely research, innovative design engineering, and rapid prototyping. With a focus on precision manufacturing, stringent quality control, and J.I.T. fulfillment, we strive to successfully shorten your lead-time to market. Our breakthrough innovations in the fields of gear design and drive train manufacturing allow us to continually advance transmission and differential technology. Our experience qualifies us to be the APQP certified supplier for the many of the world's leading ATV, Utility, Recreational, and Automotive vehicle manufacturers.


1971 / Kai Lung Gears was established by T.B.Liu.
1983 / Introduced motorcycle parts and components.
1993 / Ground breaking: Factory 1, renamed New Kailung Gear.
1998 / Completed ISO9002 qualification.
2002 / Completed ISO9001 qualification.
2004 / Ground breaking: Factory 2, R&D department established.
2006 / Production of drive shafts for ATV transmissions.
2009 / Production of electric vehicle transmissions.
2010 / ISO/TS16949


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Established in 1971, NKL is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. With 120 employees, the factories occupy a total area of 5800m2.